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PArent Testimonies

This is our family’s second experience with a local karate school, and we are so excited to have found Mr. Carrasco. Besides the affordability of his classes, our son thoroughly enjoys the class and the ‘family-like’ school environment. He loves attending his karate class. While Mr. Carrasco is very encouraging and   supportive of the kids, he is also stern when he needs to be. He shows exemplary patience in every class.  - The Smith Family

My son ALWAYS looks forward to the weekly Little Warriors class at CMA. Mr. Carrasco is great with the younger kids! He knows when to keep it simple and when to  challenge his students. Mr. C keeps things fun while commanding attention and setting boundaries. He is very good at what he does and the kids have a great time as they learn discipline and respect. We drive to Farmers Branch from Denton every week just to come to Mr. C school. I am so glad he has the Little Warriors Program.  - Elizabeth F.

My experience with the Little Warrior program at Level Up has been extremely positive. My son has learned exciting new skills that he will be able to use as he grows and throughout his life. The length of the class is perfect to keep the attention of the little ones and is just enough time to balance learning new techniques and having fun. I am extremely pleased with this program and  everything it has offered my son thus far. We will continue to be a part of it and I will continue to tell everyone I meet about it. - Shannon W.

Parent Testimonies 2023

Little Warrior Spring Belt Ceremony 2022

Little Warrior Stick Combat Tournament 2023

Level Up Little Warrior Program 2021

Little Warrior Spring Belt Ceremony 2021

Mr. C paretnering with Patti on her black belt test. 

Mr. C cage fight 2014 in Galveston, TX

Mr. C choreographed demo. Skip to 15 minutes! 

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