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Little Warrior
Sign Up Form & Pricing


Welcome to our Sign Up / Pricing page.

We come to your child's school once a week on your schools designated day for 30 minutes.                    Our Little Warriors Martial Arts program is for ages 3 & Up! 


In person class from August-June. Our virtual month is in July. 

Please see FAQ's to see how our Little Warriors Program operates at your childs school.

 Please use student name on Sign Up Form!!!!


Please see the following pricing packages & information below for the Little Warrior Classes:


 Registration fee includes a Little Warrior T-Shirt & Personalized Ninja Headband


Registration Fee

Monthly Tuition

Full Year Packages


Full Year (12 Months)


(Includes Standard Little Warrior Start Up Kit, 

Fall Test, Spring Combat Tournament, & Belt Ceremony Fee's).

Includes our Virtual Month in July 2024. 

Monthly Auto Draft, Full payment, Check

No Refunds


 Full Year (12 Months)

(Includes Deluxe Little Warrior Start Up Kit,     

Fall Test, Spring Combat Tournament, & Belt Ceremony Fee's).

Includes our Virtual Month in July 2024.

Monthly Auto Draft, Full payment, Check

No Refunds


Monthly Contract 

 Payments autodrafted on the 1st of each month.

Contract starts upon date of sign up & end July 31, 2024

Cancellations are allowed upon approval by both parties. $65 cancelation Fee applied. 


Month to Month (Cancel anytime

 You can cancel at any time. Payments autodrafted on the 1st of each month.

Little Warrior Starter Kits 

Starter Kits for your Little Warriors. 


Standard L.W.S.K.

(Includes Level Up Little Warrior White, Blue, or Pink Uniform, Belt, T-Shirt, Headband, & Bag)

Max & Grayce LWSK Standard & Deluxe.png




$10: Belt Test - December 2023

(Belt Test in class at your child's school with parent attendance & participation)

$40: Stick Combat Tournament - March 2024

Includes one student, one parent competitor, & one spectator wrist band.

We make our tournament mandatory for our Little Warriors to drive home all the values and lessons we teach them trhoughout the year & the values you teach them as well. As your Little Warrior gets older, they will experience competion in various sports and we use our Martial Arts tournament to help prepare them for those future experiences. Showing respect towards their opponents, learning to deal with winning and losing, showing discipline in following the rules, and learning good sportsmanship. We involve our parents to compete as well so your Little Warrior witness these values being implented by the ones they love and look up too the most, you!!! Leading by example!   


$75: Spring Belt Ceremony - April 2024

Fee applied in February. Includes 2 Adult event tickets.

Belt Ceremony will be held at a centralized location in the DFW on a Saturday morning at the end of April .

Preparing each student for the Spring Belt Ceremony takes time, effort, & meticulous planning. Mandatory for all Little Warrior Students to receive next rank. Fee applied in February to all enrolled students regardless of attendance. 

Level Up MMA 
Private Classes

Located at Mr. C's home gym (Garage) in Carrollton. 

Fully matted, A/C, fans, water, & all training equipment necassry for   Traditional Karate & MMA training. 

Live Stream classes available for all parents as they drop off students.


Class Time & Days:


Ages 6-12 | 6:30-7:30 PM

Level Up MMA Pricing Plan 2023.jpg

                       Little Warrior Uniforms                             

Little Warrior Uniforms are mandatory for Spring Belt Ceremony, April 2024

Mandatory Event's

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